There are a number of casinos within a few hours of here. These provide jobs to some people we know. Unfortunately, as often happens, these casinos seem to hinder more than help the people around us who are jobless and live in poverty. Far too often, we hear about money set aside for clothes or special food for the children being squandered in the casinos.

Our pastor at church occasionally reminds the congregation that we need to be trusting GOD to provide for us, not wasting money on lottery tickets or at the casino, hoping for a windfall that will provide for needs and wants.

We heard a funny story showing why religion and casinos don’t mix: there is a Navajo fellow whose job it is to repair the slot machines whenever they break down. A few of the machines weren’t working right. He ended up taking them apart to figure out the problem. Once the machines were opened up, he discovered a strange sludge gumming up the moving parts. As he started cleaning out the machine, he realized the sludge was a mixture of oil and corn pollen.

Apparently, Christians who had been playing the slots had been anointing the machine with holy oil, asking God’s favor. And, Navajo following their traditional beliefs had been anointing the same machines with corn pollen, asking their gods to give them favor at the machines.

Perhaps the Casinos should put up a big sign at the entrance: religious people go home and trust your own God(s) to provide for you!! In this case it would save both the casinos and the gamblers money!