Ya’at’eeh (Hello)! My name is Corey. I have worked with Randy and Jill here at Lybrook Community Ministries since May. The blog entries I have written are my reflections on my life in rural New Mexico and my understanding of Navajo culture. Some of the topics may already have been mentioned in one way or another by Randy and Jill. However, I try to provide my own perspectives, and I will hopefully provide unique views in understanding American Indian society.

My writings are mostly descriptive. The aim is to provide a first-hand experience with Navajo people and provoke interest in understanding Navajo culture in particular and American Indian culture in general. As a person who is new to Navajo society, my writings are largely from both a layman and an outsider’s perspectives. Much of the description will be in a non-scholarly style, from a newcomer’s angle. I am an outsider not only in the sense that I am not Navajo, but also because I have Asian origins.

I will focus on facts, although I will look at some issues more critically. The topics will center on school, society, and culture, and I will try to provide descriptions of Navajo education, society, and culture as I saw them. Occasionally, I will also use a comparative viewpoint, as I believe it is useful for understanding the  Navajo culture.