Since January I have tutored a group of 2nd and 3rd grade students twice weekly in math and reading. We have fun together, writing stories, taking turns reading out loud, and playing a variety of math games. I’m not sure who looks forward to our time more…me or them? I am proud to report that all three of them made gains in both subjects based on test scores. I’m hoping that we will continue to spend regular time together next school year.

little guys

My “Little Guys” writing group

At the end of the year, I gathered the best of our writings into a short book, complete with photos and a few drawings. It was interesting to see how much their writing improved in just a few short months!

I would love to share the book with any of you who are interested. Just leave me a comment (on facebook or here on the blog) or email me. I will happily send you a pdf copy of this simple, fun little book!