We seem to have a problem with all the cute critters around here. And it’s a bigger problem than the temptation to spoil them.

our tree-climbing goat-bird

One of the young goats has decided that he is a bird: he climbs wwaaaaayyy up in the trees to reach the sweet leaves. He’s really cute when he climbs trees like this. Unfortunately, he has yet to figure out how to get down safely. He usually just jumps…and we hope he doesn’t get his legs stuck among the branches!

such a cute "fan club"

And then there are the cute turkey and guinea fowl babies. They have become “groupies.” Sometimes it’s fun having a “fan club” come running to follow you around whenever you set foot outside the door. Unfortunately, these little beggars also leave gooey, messy gifts wherever they wander. Oooo…watch where you step!

cute puppy looking for a good home

An adorable puppy appeared on the property a few weeks ago. Actually, he was a pitiful, starving bundle of ribs when someone locked him in the turkey pen. He has gained weight with proper feeding. Unfortunately, we can’t keep yet one more animal. We are going to miss the cute fellow when we take him to the shelter later this week.

an a-cute problem...

Finally, we have an a-cute problem with a sly critter who has been sneaking in every morning for a visit and a quick snack from the chicken pen. We tried letting our dogs run loose. Another chicken disappeared. We tried shooting in the air to scare Mr. Wile-E. Another chicken disappeared. We tried getting a bead on him to finish him off. He stayed hidden… and another chicken disappeared later in the day. So far it’s Coyote 6—Mission 0.

We can ignore the “problems” with the other critters around here. They are CUTE, after all. The Coyote? We are in a-cute need of a permanent way to close down the chicken buffet…

Any ideas?